Cloud Computing


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Unique Benefits of Cloud Computing in Business

Today, businesses can access their operations anywhere. This is possible only through cloud computing. Workloads can now be placed on the cloud, and the members of staff collaborate to gain much better results. It has seen business revenues skyrocket. More […]

Types of Cloud Computing

This technology has taken the business world to the most advanced levels of IT utilization. Forbes predicts that by 2020 most of the world’s business operations will be done through clouds bringing in over $390 billion in revenue. It has […]

Top 10 Cloud Computing Service Providers

If you are looking to wet your feet or go all in with the cloud computing rave, you will need a credible vendor. As a Chief Information Officer, you may feel the pressure to integrate your business operations to today’s […]

How to Manage Risk of Cloud Computing

There are compelling factors that lead businesses to choose cloud computing solutions for their operations. First, it is very inexpensive and always available on the internet. The working model for cloud computing requires that resources are shared in the cloud, […]

Cloud Computing Strategy for Business Growth

When your business is up and running, it will need to keep up with the virtualization technologies. Remaining competitive means you stay afloat in the evolving marketplace. So, is your business ready to take on the next level of technology […]

How to Become a Cloud Certified Professional

If you are already in IT and know in-depth knowledge of technologies, architectures, and application development on clouds, it is only right you take your career to the next level. Become a Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) and master the art […]


We have been around computer technology for some decades now. When it was first introduced, we all rejoiced the ease in communication phones brought. Computers enabled fast and efficient data processing. Businesses improved since work was more efficient and practical. […]